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Lamp, 2011

Client: Design del Mediterraneo

MNIMI in modern greek means "remember" not only wants to be an homage to a common cultural root to almost all the peoples of the Mediterranean, namely the classical Greece, which influenced the cultural and political life of Mediterranean people and which is the foundations of civil modern society.MNIMI wants to be a story, describing a photograph, different socio-cultural and historical events of these years has indeed emerged as the study of ceramics allows to understand many aspects of old society .The quality and quantity of vessels and found data on production and export of vessels with great accuracy tell us about the socio-economic conditions in which the society Manufacturer.the study of ceramics, also allows the dating of the finds, with a margin of error of up to ten years.The decorations have finally useful to understand important aspects of anthropology of the ancient world, especially related to everyday scenes described by vases.Not rarely painted on the classical philology appeals to ancient pottery reconstruction and exegesis of the myth and the history of civilization Greek.MNIMI wants to create a bridge between past, present and future.thinking about this project, I has imagined a man of the future that discovering this relic can understand the society about XXIsec. Mediterranean, discover social and cultural aspects that, in many ways, unfortunately I would characterize our times.

About me is a commonplace to speak of Mediterranean unity and brotherhood, I am shocked to see how the concept of wall joins the Mediterranean, the walls of barbed wire between Africa and Europe in Melilla, the Israeli wall between the West and Islam ,

in Palestina.this is times of struggle and divisions, and I feel a duty to testify so that these events are a warning for the future and a reproach to the present.

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