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Coffee table, 2015

Client: D3co

Design by: Filippo Mambretti 

BUSCAI is a collection of dinner and side tables defined by the relationship between the turned and carved beech legs and tempered glass, transparent or smoked top. Glasses strips bends and stabilizes the plan, it’s the heart of the project.

The essential geometry, transversal identity makes BUSCAI suitable for every domestic space, modern or

classic, old-style legs manufacturing and craftsmanship are ideal in the crossover contemporary living.

The tables collection BUSCAI is the result of an important study about decorative and aesthetic evolution of the wooden traditional table legs. Unusual and poetic material are integrated in a singular piece, wood for legs and a glass on top and chain. The result is BUSCAI, chip in Lombard dialect, a name that means a remind and a tribute to the high craftsmanship in Italy.

The perception is about a timeless product.

A concrete union between different styles, modern and classical,conceptual and essential, in a single piece. An ideal project for classic, almost formal spaces, and for contemporary and minimal interiors, thanks to customization possibilities for the legs and the glass top transparency which gives lightness to the table.

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