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Pendant, 2023

Client: Brokis

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Elo, an innovative new suspension light combining the distinctive textures of BROKISGLASS with elegant aluminium framing, comprises three articulated arches, the outer two of which can be locked in different attitudes. The unique solution offers a variety of striking scenographic compositions that can shape the interior and lend it a dominant design element. The name Elo means ‘ring’ or ‘bond’, words that adeptly express the grand decorative potential and remarkable variability of the concept, a sculpturesque entity that can be modified and customized as the demands of the setting evolve. The glass is set in elegant metal frames crafted from aluminium, which ensures outstanding structural integrity. Illumination is provided by flexible LEDs that follow the curvature of the arches, underscoring the intrinsic aesthetic beauty of the BROKISGLASS and effecting a charming diffusion of light no matter what configuration the piece is installed in.

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