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Mirror, 2015

Client: La Trentina

Design by Filippo Mambretti & M.J.Carew

The Grimm mirror plays with the iconographic evocation of different concepts, idioms and stories related to the apple, with a special nod to the tale of Snow White by the Brothers Grimm,

in which the wicked witch (Grimilde) interrogates the magic mirror,

asking "who is the fairest of them all? 

The associations of beauty which surround the apple and its iconography are experienced as part of a daily ritual, a process of checking and repeating, a beauty that must be preserved - taking care of health and appearance, every day.

And how better than “an apple a day”?

The punched chromed metal plate chrome creates a convex part which, besides acting as a third support point, also reveals a niche within which the "apples" of day-to-day beauty can be stored, such as items of make-up and accessories for daily retouches

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