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Lamp, 2012

Client: Domus

Design by Filippo Mambretti & Mirko Carsana

His modular table lamp can be assembled into countless configurations that are optimised for the different types of FabLab uses. The modules are in 3-mm-thick mdf cut with a 2d laser.

The Guenda lamp has been developed in three different modules that can be combined to build multiple structural solutions, offering a range of light uses suited to whatever may be the task at hand.

The light source is an energy-saving mini-globe E27 bulb,

ideally emitting cold light so as to avoid altering the colours of anything on the workbench. The lamp's electric cable, inserted after the diffuser structure is assembled, must have a diameter of 4 mm. There are two possible assembly methods.



First prize at "AUTOPROGETTAZIONE 2.0 "

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