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Sideboard, 2017

Client: Nokta

"Inneschi", is a furniture described by a modern and minimalist design, but at the same time elegant. Thanks to the value of the constructive and material details that emphasize the elegance.​
The researched design detail and its entire designs.
The internal volume of "inneschi" consists of two different types of doors and a drawer module. These different elements are composed on the same stem, to obtain different functional and decorative solutions. The doors and fronts of the drawers are characterized by evident metal inserts that caress the fronts of the doors creating handles. These metal inserts, as well as aesthetically characterize the product and at the same time create the handles. They allow to draw three-dimensional and precious decorative details that visually enrich the font of the product. This product is extremely sophisticated, but at the same time modern and depending on the finishes used, even youthful, elegant and visually valuable.elegant and visually valuable.

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