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Art Direction

Client: Dearkids

Design by : Filippo Mambretti , Maria J. Carew

Dearkids was born in the early 1950s in the heart of Brianza, the fulcrum of the tradition of quality furniture, excellence and the culture of Made in Italy furniture. This experience, combined with the continuous search for beauty, functional design and attention to detail, transforms over the years Dearkids first in modern industry, then with the acquisition of an international culture in terms of design and production, in one of the most significant brands in the furniture sector for children and young people in the world. In 2022, Dearkids decided to renew and evolve its image by commissioning Filippo Mambretti and Maria Jennifer Carew to styling and study new interior architecture designed to welcome and showcase its products with the aim of illustrating and promoting the versatility of the finishes and designs offered by Dearkids, which can be furnished both in kids' rooms, teenagers' rooms and the common areas of homes.

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