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Table Litght, 2023

Client: Enrico Pellizzoni

Light interpreted as the primary and defining element of styling that defines the emotionality of an environment and interior.  Light embraces leather in an enveloping and intriguing interweaving of finishes, textures and material emotions reinterpreted in a balanced and elegant design capable of characterizing any environment with its presence. 
This is the concept on which the design of LUME evolves, the new table light designed by Filippo Mambretti for "Enrico Pellizzoni" an Italian brand specializing in the production of leather furnishing accessories. A leather lampshade with a minimalist, yet at the same time organic and proportionate shape, frames a linear LED light concealed behind a milk-white glass diffuser,  to enhance and even out the light emission.
The special design of the leather shade, characterized by alternating cuts, allows a 'uniform light emission on both the front and back of the lamp,  alternately exploiting the cuts both as openings from which to emanate direct light, as well as as textural elements useful in dampening the spread of light, making it warmer and more enveloping thanks to a reflection effect against the leather. The lampshade offered in different shapes and colors, can be slipped off and changed very easily, modifying and customizing to one's liking the appearance of the lamp over time,  as well as allowing an optimization of industrial and commercial processes correlated with the sales and production processes of the components.

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