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Hanger, 2015

Client: Icon

Sghembo is a wall hanger, characterized by a total freedom of composition, in fact thanks to its unique shape, and the choice of different diameters and wooden essence, you can get almost endless compositions, which will characterize the wall is chromatically is volumetrically, in fact, the main feature of this project is its particular shape, which allows you to deprive yourself of a precise point of screwing to the wall or symmetry with respect to its axis. What for many hanger wall is a weak point, namely symmetry and perpendicular to the ground, which limits and imposes centering eye the right angle, for Sghembo, a process becomes unnecessary, in fact, I mount screws with the product wall until all the thread enters the wall locking it. Developed through wood lathe machining and later planing, Sghembo is an essential product, but distinctive, as well as easy to fit into any environment both modern and classic.

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