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Table & Stools, 2020

Client: Zelo2

Even if you’re not a small space dweller, I think we can all appreciate a space saving furniture design. Filippo Mambretti designed the Spritz for Zelo21 to work in all of our lives. But before we get into some details, the name’s backstory is a good one.

It’s said that Austrian soldiers occupying the Lombardy-Venetian regions between the 18th and 19th centuries found the area’s wines too strong. To make them more palatable, they would dilute them with sparkling water and bitters. That was how the first spritz aperitif was born! The word “spritzen” is what to soldiers would say when ordering the drink, and it’s used throughout Italy to this day.

The Spritz is a 100% birch plywood box that transforms into a table with two stools when taken apart. Versatile and compact, it’s ideal for breaks through the day, on the balcony or in the garden – just like the aperitif. Wouldn’t you love to wind down here after a long day?

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